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There are many web design companies today, there are also many SEO companies out there. We have worked with many small business owners to help them achieve their local marketing goals and what we have learned from being in the business for more than 20 years is that many small business owners simply cannot afford to pay for both services.


Many large web design firms charge $5000 and up for web design. As many business owner know, just having a website does not bring in customers. In order to bring new customers to your business, your website has to compete with other business websites in your niche in order to get on the first page of Google.


Businesses are constantly competing  to get their websites higher on the first page for their main keywords. Google on the other hand is also calculating different ranking factors for each of these businesses to determine who moves up and who moves down in the search engine rankings.


Websites in competitive niches that are on the first page normally have an SEO agency behind them. If you do not have someone in your corner that only focuses on SEO, it will be very difficult to compete.


Our service combines both, web design and local search engine optimization for one low monthly cost. We monitor and make ranking adjustment for your site so that you may be found on the first page as well.


Our goal is a long term relationship with our clients and therefor we do what is needed to rank your website.




in order to setup your account and start the web design process we will require a $200 one time setup fee and the first months service.
The total for the first month is $385 which is billed through Paypal once you complete the form below. This will automatically setup a monthly deduction from the card that you use to signup in the amount of $185 per month. This is handled through Paypal and can be canceled at any time.





  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Web Design
  • Local SEO Marketing
  • Position Monitoring
  • Quarterly Screenshot Reports
  • Maintain Rankings
  • Website Security
  • Domain Email


Our services are based on a low monthly rate and all websites are designed on our systems. We know that you will see results with our service but you must have patience as SEO is not an over night get rich quick scheme. It takes time and dedication to achieve real results in SEO as it does with anything else in life.

If you decide to cancel your services with us, your site will be disabled but we will keep the data and work on our servers for 12 months giving you an opportunity to come back.

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