Web Design & Local SEO Frequently Asked Questions


Please take a few minutes to read over this FAQ. We have tried to answer questions that you may have and please do call us at (561) 596-9101 if you have questions not answered here.


We are not a fly by night company that could care less about your businesses success. We understand how frustrating it can be when you are trying to run a business and everyone has their hand out to receive money for every little thing.
This is why we are offering the best bang for your buck package deal.


Of course we have to make money to stay in business but we hope that our pricing will reflect our intentions. We know that if you are unhappy, we wont have a customer very long. Our plan is to prove over time that our relationship is well worth the cost.


Our service pricing is designed to be a low barrier to entry into a relationship with us. You wont lose thousands with us the way you could with some of the large companies offering similar services.


There are NO scammy contracts with us. We believe that if you are unhappy with our service it should be easy to walk away. We want to earn your trust and long term relationship.

How can I be involved in the design process?

We design your new website live on either a new domain or your existing domain so that you can see how the progress is going, giving you the ability to reach out to us with any design changes you may need. You are in control.

How long does it normally take to design / redesign a business website?

Normally it takes 25-30 days from the time that we have access to your domain. Sometimes it is faster but we like to set a 30 day deadline just incase we are backed up. Our focus in on small businesses. We put time and energy into your website over months and even years in order to help you bring in new customers.


Most of our clients have been with us for 6+ years. Though this newer service “www.webdesignspensacola.com” is reletively new, we are not new to designing and marketing local websites. We must be doing something right.

What if I like my current site and don't need a new one

We only market sites that are built on our servers. This allows us to make sure technical issues that prevent many sites from ranking highly will not effect our customers. We will rebuild your current site on our system and you will always have your old site if you decide to change things back to the way they were before. We wont overwrite your existing site.

What is included for $285 per month

We include everything that is needed to get your business in front of local customers. Web Design, Web Hosting, and Local Search Engine Optimization

How long does it take to start getting calls?

This depends on a few different factors. If we are starting with a brand new domain name your site will have to go through what is called a seasoning period where Google will start trusting your site. This could take 12 months. If you are starting out with a domain that has been around for over 24 months, it could take weeks to start seeing results.


The Idea of Search Engine Optimization is to create a clear and user friendly message to your customers. If visitors to your site have a good overall experience, you will do well on Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are technical things that can be implemeted in order to convey your product, message or service more clearly to the major search engines and that is what our strategy is based around.


The pro’s of SEO are that you will generate new calls, leads to your business without paying higher costs of Adwords on a regular basis. For brand new businesses starting out, Adwords is a great service and Google does deserve to make revenu on such an amazing platform, but SEO is the long term strategy to get those costs down.

What if I need calls now?

Search engine optimization does take time, it is in no way a quick and easy path, however, if you need calls immidiately you can include a monthly amount over our service costs and we will setup a Google Adwords campaign for your business. Adwords is where you bid for keywords and Google will display your company based on your bid amount. This is called Pay Per Click. we Charge an additional $50 per month to manage an Adwords campaign for you. The amount of calls you recieve will be based on the amount you spend with Google.

How do I cancel the service?

You can cancel at any time and there are no high pressure phone calls begging you to stay etc. When you signup you will go through PayPal and create a subscription to our service. If you decide to cancel, simply login to your paypal account and in setting find manage subscriptions. From here you can cancel with the click of a button. If you cancel your website and services will be suspended with us. We will keep your account data for 12 months, giving you an opportunity to signup again.

How can you get real results for so cheap?

We have been doing local SEO and web design for years. Our web design and seo services focus on what really matters. Clean site structure, pagespeed optimizations, good overall on page SEO. You do not have to spend a fortune to see results. If you are in a highly competetive niche, results will take longer and it is advised to run a supplementary Adwords campaign to start generating leads right away.

Can I take my website with me if I cancel?

Our rates are very low compaired to our competition. This would not work if we built websites for next to nothing and then handed them over to the customer. We put a lot of work and time into each and every one of our clients sites. If you decide to cancel we will keep your data on our systems for 12 months giving you an opportunity to return but we will not give you access to the backend of the website or allow you to transfer the site away from our system.

Do I retain ownership of my domain name?

If you have a domain name that you want to use with our service, simply login to your registrars website and update the nameserver records to point your domain at our server. If you cancel, you can simply login again and change your nameservers to any other company. You retain full control over your domain. If we buy a domain in connection with your business you will not be able to transfer that domain away but we will keep the domain active for 12 months giving you an opportunity to continue service with us.

Do you offer any marketing outside of Google SEO?

We understand that it can be important today to have a presence on platforms other than Google. We offer social media marketing as well. If you would like us to manage a Facebook business page for your company the cost starts at $225 per month. We include content writing and organic posting to help you acquire customers on Facebook. You can add a budget for social ads in the same way you can for Google Adwords. Call us anytime to discuss your needs.

What if I want a very premium or ecommerce website?

We have been designing websites for a long time and have sites in many different niches.

If you are looking for something high end, we can work out a custom quote for you. For custom high end designs our starting prices are around $3200 and we will talk with you to figure out your exact needs so that we can determine how many hours will need to go into your project.

Call us today  at (561) 596-9101 to discuss your company website